T H E    F L E S H    S E R I E S


transition0 (2)

Flesh IV 2017 –  watercolour and pencil on paper


Flesh III 2017 –  watercolour and pencil on paper


Flesh I 2017 –  watercolour and pencil on paper


                                                       NATURAL SELECTION

If I could I would get a steam roller and put an attractive bait right in front of it and wait for all the idiots to run straight for the bait and into the trap where they would turn completely flat.



Clockwise from top left; There are figs on the table, Intimacy II, Heart, The aubergine (all oil on panel 2014)



Fur 2014  –  digital video



She stopped shaving her armpits at 23. She didn’t see the point in it. Besides, she thought it was so much nicer and natural to just let the hair grow.  

Her very best friend, and self-declared feminist, looked at her one day and said:

‘Yuk, that is just so gross, how can you not shave your armpits?’ 

Well, fuck you, she thought.

Not until years later did she manage to break up with her feminist friend.



Sliced 2019 – Oil on panel


Intimacy I 2014 –  oil on panel