Y O U   A N D   M E


dog (3)

Conversation – 2018


See You Tomorrow  2017  –  Digital video 0’53”



The therapist was standing outside the hotel, smoking.

The patient watched him through a window opposite, on the 9th floor.


Past Midnight 2015  –  digital video



He couldn’t help himself

from saying the opposite

of what he meant


Courtyard in Palermo 2015  –  digital video



You and Me  2016  –  oil on panel


Decision 2015  –  digital video

IMG_2786 (2)


Plug Sockets  2016  –  oil on panel

Still Lives 2013 –  digital video



She was 8 years old and she sat on a bench in the school corridor. All the other children had gone back into the class room, while she just sat and watched the palms of her hands. She stared at them for several minutes until she could properly feel that these two hands were hers. They were not just her two hands, they were her. At that point she realised that she really existed, that she was a being in this world.




Room by the sea 2013  –  digital photo

The Driver (Volvo) 2015  –  digital video