P  H  A  N  T  A  S  M

20190217_144138 (2)

Order 2019 – Oil on panel

Phantasm 2017 –  Digital video with sound 1’17”



Pink Landscape 2019 –  Oil on panel

Cantante 2014  –  digital video



Once there was a woman who was so concerned with her looks that

she stretched her face with gaffer tape from one ear and behind the

head towards the other ear.

But she forgot to put her wig on so everybody laughed when

she walked down the street.

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Empty 2019 – Oil on panel

Melancholy Moon 2015  –  digital video


World View 2019 – Oil on panel


Two young women were on holiday together drinking cocktails at the local bar talking about whether they wanted to have children or not.

“Well, at least I hope they will be pretty if I have them” said one of them, throwing her head back so that the long soft hair locks made a delicate movement away from her face before she elegantly moved her cocktail with its straw towards her mouth.

The other one looked uncomfortable and asked “What do you mean ‘hoping they will be pretty’?”

“You know what I mean”, said the other one. “Pretty children and good looking people have a much better time. Life’s a lot easier for them, and I assume you understand that as a mother I should be wanting the best for my children. You understand that, don’t you?”


The Gaze 2019 – Oil on panel


The Robe and Hanging Napkin 2015  –  oil on panel


Arrangements  2017 –  oil on panel



Folded 2015  –  oil on panel


The Collector 2016  –  handmade notebooks and display case