S H E   W O R K E D   A L L   D A Y



Roles  2017  – Video still from Digital video 1’35”


Bowl 2016 –  oil on panel


The Arrangement 2015 – oil on panel



The bin wasn’t emptied last night. I saw the bin men arriving at 01.35am, and I heard them lifting the lid, probably checking the contents. But after that they just drove off. I didn’t hear the usual motor of the lorry when it empties bins. I wonder why they didn’t empty ours this time. Either there was not enough rubbish in the bin for them to bother, or there was another reason. There must be a reason. And if it’s not the former it must be the latter. I think it’s another reason. I think there was something in the bin that made the bin men not want to empty it. There must have been a particular object they didn’t want to take with them. I wonder what that object might be. It could be something someone had put there earlier without me knowing it. It could be a TV, or it could be a shopping trolley. Or maybe it’s a table. Or perhaps it is a sausage making machine. I think it must be a sausage making machine, because a sausage making machine is a strange thing which the bin men might not have wanted to take with them. If it’s not a sausage making machine it must be dead body. They would definitely not take a dead body. I AM SURE OF THAT



Pink Sink 2015  –  oil on panel

Layers 2017 – Digital video 1’40”



The teaspoons 2016  – Air drying clay



 She worked all day 2015 – oil on panel



She folded the linen. It was soft and clean and had a scent of passion fruit. The living room was tidy and the curtains were moving gently from the breeze outside. She’d done all the tasks she’d set herself to do this morning. In the afternoon she was going to have tea with a friend. She felt she deserved it after all this work. She was practically working all day most days. Cleaning, laundry, groceries, ordering things, dealing with contractors, and not the least managing their cook. And yes, then there were all the shirts. Seven shirts every week that needed ironing. She didn’t mind the actual ironing, but the fact that they were his shirts made her feel uncomfortable. She decided she would bring the matter up with her friend in the afternoon and ask her whether she thought it was reasonable to suggest to the husband that she could go to the launderette with the seven shirts and pay for having them washed and ironed.

Whilst sipping her delicate jasmine flower tea, her friend explained how she thought this launderette idea was a very selfish idea.



Sofa Matters Part I 2017 –  Fabric samples ordered online


Sofa Matters Part II 2017



Intimacy III  2016 – Chocolate cookies with stamped text



She went down through the

thermosphere feeling very warm.

Then she hit the mesosphere before

turning into ice in the mesopause.

In the stratosphere everything got clear,

then she shot down through the troposphere

and hit the ground of the earth.

She got up and walked home.



What shall I do with all the creases, she wondered  2015 – Oil on canvas



1570 grams of lentils 2016 – MDF, gesso and green lentils


Apprehension 2016 – Oil on panel

Sea of Love 2017 – Digital video with sound 0’50”



I learned how to ride a bike at four and soon believed I was a master. I rode very fast, particularly down the small slopes in our neighbourhood. I would constantly fall off and get big open wounds on my knees. Wounds that would get sand and dirt and ants in them. I would never cry when it happened, but I would look around to see if anyone had seen me falling. Then I would cycle back home. And when entering our house my tears would pop out even just by the scent of my mother. Having noticed I was back home she would smile at me from the other side of the living room. I would run towards her, tears pouring down my cheeks and I would hide in her embrace, sobbing. As if the pain was a lot deeper than a wound on the knee.



Soap 2015  –  oil on panel